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Top Hotel Destinations

Popular Travel Destinations America's

The America's are comprised of 3 Regions.

North America (Canada, United States, Greenland, The Caribbean) Canada surely has endless fields of amazing, pristine wild, yet it additionally highlights some of the world's most modern, cosmopolitan urban areas. From the glorious Pacific coast to the laid back fishing villages of the Atlantic seaboard. Canada has something for everybody searching to explore the vast northern expanses of Canada.

The United States Home to the world's third-biggest populace, with more than 318 million individuals, it incorporates both thickly populated urban communities with sprawling rural areas and large uninhabited regions. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Hollywood sign, Las Vegas glitering neon signs, Golden Gate bridge and the White House have for quite some time been worldwide symbols, and American brands and pictures are well known all over the place, from Apple PCs and Levi's to Coca-Cola and sausage. However first-time guests ought to expect a few shocks. In spite of the fact that its urban areas draw the most travelers – New York, New Orleans, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco are all unbelievable destinations in their own particular right – America is over every one of the a place where there is stunningly assorted and delightful scenes. In one part of the country you have the powerful Rockies and fabulous Cascades mountain ranges, the endless, mythic desert scenes of the Southwest, the unending, moving fields of Texas and Kansas, the tropical shorelines and Everglades of Florida, the goliath redwoods of California and the sleepy, flawless towns of New England. You can splash up the entrancing vistas in Crater Lake, Yellowstone and Yosemite national parks, Stand in wonderment at the Grand Canyon, climb the Black Hills, journey the Great Lakes, paddle in the Mississippi, surf the gnarly breaks of Oahu and lose all sense of direction in the tremendous wilds of Alaska. You can also journey through remote prairies, frightful old ghost towns and overlooked byways that are just as "American" as its show-stopper symbols, cities and landmarks.

Greenland A self-governing nation, however formally still considered part of Denmark, Greenland is a tremendous island of stark expanses of untamed arctic wilderness and the land of the midnight sun.

The Caribbean with its White sandy shorelines, pristine clear water, and laid-back island culture make the Caribbean one of the world's top get-away spots. Famous as a location for sunseekers, honeymooners and retirees, the Caribbean has become a prime travel destination for ecotourism and avid backpackers. With its year round tropical climate this part of north america will remain a top location for tropical adventure seekers.

Hotels in Popular North American Cities Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama) Central America is a thin portion of land that connects North America with South America. It is a tropical region and has plenty of pristine beaches, crystal clear beaches, and deep tropical jungles to explore and discover.

Hotels in Popular Central American Cities South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Falkland Islands (UK), French Guiana (France), Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay, Venezuela) The world's biggest rain forest and also the largest river (Amazon), the highest range of mountains outside Asia (the Andes), remote islands (Galapagos Islands, Easter Island and Fernando de Noronha), heavenly beaches (such as in Brazil's Northeastern region), wide deserts (Atacama), icy landscapes (Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego), the world's highest waterfall (the 979m falls, in Venezuela) and one of the biggest (Iguaçu Falls, Argentina and Brazil), South America offers any avid traveler the trip of a lifetime. from tropical rain forests in the north to glacier laden regions in the south.

Hotels in Popular South American Cities

Popular Travel Destinations Europe

Europe is comprised of 12 regions.

Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Kosovo and Serbia) Balkans have a rich, however frequently turbulent, history with superb nature, enchanting multicultural towns, amazing cloisters and strongholds dabbing the slopes, and mountains with lovely woods, wonderful lakes, and dazzling shorelines.

Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) Three interesting states that have sublime shorelines along a broad coastline, medieval old towns, and wonderful characteristic landscape. Estonia has laungage and strong social ties with Finland.

Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands) The Netherlands is known for its clogs, wonderfully tasteful cheeses, tulips and windmills, and for its liberal culture and painters. Belgium is a multilingual nation with delightful notable urban areas, flanking Luxembourg at the tranquil slopes of the Ardennes mountains.

Britain and Ireland (Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, United Kingdom) Britain is a diverse nation with native and immigrant cultures. This Region of europe remains highly influential throughout the world. Ireland has rolling meadows and holds strong Irish traditions and folklore.

Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland) Central Europe is the part of Europe where Germanic culture meets Slavic culture. It is home to many memorable towns, tall tale strongholds, brew houses, Deep wooded forests, untainted farmland, and boosts some of the worlds largest mountain ranges, including the powerful Alps and Carpathians.

France and Monaco France is the world's most prominent traveler goal known for its gastronomy, history, culture and fashion design. Some of its vacation destinations are Paris, the French Riviera, the Atlantic shorelines, the Alps, manors of the Loire Valley, Brittany, Normandy, and the provincial scene of Provence. Monaco is a wonderful, ultra-rich territory on the coast of the Mediterranean.

Greece, Cyprus and Turkey This region has the most sun-hours in Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean is a magnet for beach lovers and sun worshippers, party seekers and history enthusiasts.

Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) An area of Europe displaying a wonderful blend of landscapes, going from high mountain pinnacles and wine-country valleys to rich Black Sea resorts. Like the Balkans, Caucasus is at the crossing point of Christian and Islamic societies and is among the more "colorful" areas of Europe.

Iberia (Andorra, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain) The Iberian nations are wonderful travel location goals for their rich and remarkable societies, Beautiful scenic countryside regions, and friendly locals.

Italy (Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican City) Rome, Florence, Venice and Pisa are on many voyagers' schedules, yet these are only a couple of Italy's fantastic locations to see. Italy has more history and culture than most of its neighbor countries combined.

Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus Russia is a nation of large open regions, that span form its eastern borders east to the Pacific Ocean. Ukraine is a different nation that has travelers lots to offer, from the shoreline resorts of the Black Sea to the majestic urban cities of Odessa, Lviv and Kiev. North of Ukraine is Belarus, a nation not at all like anyplace else in Europe.

Nordic countries (Denmark, Faroe Islands, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden) Spectacular expanses of mountains, lakes, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls and volcanoes abound in this region of Europe. Finland is culturally distinct as it has a language unlike the Scandinavian languages spoken through most of the region

Popular Travel Destinations Asia

So much to see and do in Asia

Asia is bound by the Pacific Ocean toward the east, by Australia toward the southeast, and by the Indian Ocean toward the south. It's bound by the Red Sea toward the southwest, by Europe and the Urals toward the west, and by the Arctic Ocean toward the north. Travel choices are many, from journeys through ancient ruins to shopping sprees in new modern uber shopping centers. Take a trip to the many historic temples in South Asia. Walk one of the many tropical pristine shorelines lined with fabulous resorts and villages to an adventurous treks in the lush jungles of Southeast Asia.

Here is a short list of some of the adventurous things to do in Asia.

A fishing trip for barracuda and marlin at Otres, Cambodia. Go diving or snorkeling with "whale sharks" in Donsol, Philippines. Take Part in one of the many "celebrations" in the Philippines. Take a scenic drive through Bangkok in a "tuktuk" in Thailand, Ride "scooters" through the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, or journey the coastline of the Philippines in a "jeepney". Visit Our Travel Blog for More on Asia Travel

Popular Travel Destinations Oceania

Traveling Oceania

Oceania refers to Australia and to those Pacific islands located between (and including) the Hawaiian Islands, the archipelago Islands within the north, Easter Island within the east, New Zealand within the south, and New Guinea within the west.

Oceania is a physically diverse region, with climates ranging from desert to tropical rain forest and landforms from high mountain ranges to inland swamps and magnificent coral reefs. Some islands one thousand miles apart could have similar climates and landscapes.

Things to do:

Travel Melbourne. You can get a private tour in Melbourne where you will visit the numerous visitor spots Melbourne has to offer. Visit the popular Collins Street and Lygon Street. Other authentic structures that you can visit are the Parliament House and the St. Patrick's Cathedral. Make sure you request that your guide take you to Albert Park Lake.

Visit Vanuatu

Vanuatu’s beaches are well-known worldwide. Their Lonnoc beach alone could be a favorite of the tourists and additionally offers quiet spas and massages. Another famed thing that you just have to see in Vanuatu is its ocean turtles, that ar now in the endangered species list.

Popular Travel Destinations Africa

Africa has 54 sovereign nations—the most on any continent—and is the second largest continent in terms of both land area and population. Africa is bound by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Atlantic Ocean out west, the Red Sea up to the northeast, and the Indian Ocean on its southeast region

Sadly misconstrued by many individuals as a place that is known for neediness, debasement, war and starvation, and just as a place that is known for affliction—a confusion reinforced by the media and the various NGOs on the mainland. Africa today is a tremendous continent with many clamoring cities, inviting individuals, and incredibly diversity and economic growth. While there are a few spots taking after the cliché Africa of war, starvation, and destitution, a large portion of the continent of Africa is at peace, economically strong, and has a thriving middle class.

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