The Airport: Miami International Airport (MIA), is located about 7 miles from downtown Miami. Miami Airport is a critical hub for air travel between Latin America, North America and Europe. With all the Flights in and out of MIA it can be a very busy airport. If you are flying internationally always allow at least three hours for check in. The airport offers some of the best curbside check in and may help keep you out of some long lines.

Location: Miami is located on Florida's southern tip and is know for its international flare. Its local culture is rich with Cuban influences and is seen in its many cafes and cigar shops. Across the blue waters of the biscayne bay is the famous Miami Beach where you will find the popular South Beach. In South Beach you will find trendy nightclubs, white sand beaches with choice surfside hotels and famed art deco.

Climate: Average Temperatures for Miami. Miami's coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 59.6°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 90.9°F.

Things to Do: So what is there to do in Miami besides just hanging out on the many white sand beaches. Start by hanging out in South Beach and enjoying a Start to your morning with fresh croissants at Café Nikki, Hang out at one of the many bikini clad poolsides or take a stroll on rollerblades down the boardwalk. Experience Cuba in Little Havana. Enjoy a journey down Calle Ocho or SW 8th Street to see the many Mediterranean style houses. Sit and enjoy a wonderful cigar at the many cigar shops. Visit Maximo Gomez park and try your hand at a game of dominos with the locals. With so much to do in Miami you just have to book a flight and head on down to enjoy the many things Miami has to offer. Blog Travel Guide on Hotels in Miami Florida

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